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Ergorest Forearm Support in Black.



  • ErgoRests are a cleverly designed range of desk mounted forearm supports.  They clamp fix to the front edge of the desk and provide a sturdy and incredibly mobile support for your arms.  They move freely so as you move your arms around your keyboard or worksurface ErgoRests follow and support you continually.   
  • ErgoRests help to reduce the strain and tension that is otherwise put on the neck and shoulder muscles.  They also eliminate the need to rest the wrists on the desk edge and in doing so contribute to the prevention of R.S.I 
  • Available in two desk clamp sizes: Standard = 15-43mm or Large = 34-63mm. 
  • Height adjustable.
  • Available in a light grey or black finish.
  • Lightweight yet robust cast Aluminium construction with a soft padded leatherette arm support.

Ergorest Forearm Support with Mousepad in Grey.


  • ErgoRests are available with an integrated mouse platform.  The arm support has height adjustment so that you can ensure your wrist is level with the mouse.
  • Ideally suited to be used as a pair in conjunction with a standard ErgoRest support.
  • Can be used as a single support on either the left or right hand side of the keyboard.
  • Perfect for web developers; IT professionals; designers or any role which is mouse intensive.
  • Forearm support is available in a light grey or black finish.  The mouse platform is only available in black.

Ergorest Forearm Support with height extension bars
  • ErgoRests are available with longer armrest pads, longer armrests or a combination of both to ensure that the right reach and maximum support can be acheived.
  • Also available are armrest height risers which are ideally suited if you are standing to work most of the time.  They can be height adjusted to suit the height and position at which you find comfortable to work.


Ergorests are ideal for maintaining a steady hand.
  • ErgoRests are an ideal solution for many working environments.  Not just for at a computer.  As you can see from the photographs to the left ErgoRests offer excellent support when working with intricate components, electronics or microscopes etc.  In fact they can be used anywhere you need to support the weight of your arms whilst mantaining a steady hand.

Ergorests are ideal for maintaining a steady hand.

To see the full and complete range of ErgoRests that are available, please click on the button below to download a PDF file of all model options.